Data Crosswalks

Stephen Grammer

Data Consultancy specializing in Data Process Architecture, ETL, and Engineering Leadership

Hello! I’m Stephen Grammer, a senior data consultant with a background of 10 years in data engineering, data engineering leadership, and data product management at Emsi (now Emsi Burning Glass), a spectacularly successful labor market data company. In November 2021, I moved on to start my own data contracting and consultancy, Data Crosswalks LLC, to build databases, wrangle data, and architect data flows. I focus on quickly blessing my customers with excellent work, and I’m currently on the lookout for projects that catch my interest.

My experience is fairly wide: from structured numeric government data to processing text-based documents scraped from job boards, and all the engineering structures in between: high throughput computing, multiprocessing, data cleaning, team building and agile development, ad hoc visualizations, statistics, and and all the customer interactions that come from being an expert in the data that they want to mine for insights. My specialties are ETL data processing architecture, algorithm design, and team and process building, with emphases in D, Python, and SQL (primarily the MySQL and SQLite flavors, but also Snowflake, PostgreSQL, and others). More recently, I’ve been learning Zig.

Feel free to reach out to discuss your project with me and we’ll see if my skillset can help solve your problems. My rate is $150/hr, but I don’t charge for the initial consultation, and I would happily tell you if I thought my consulting would not be a good fit for your project.

"Stephen worked for me for eight years. I can attest that he is a thoughtful, talented, and hard-working engineer who consistently delivered results. You can trust Stephen to run a project from start to finish, and in my experience, usually to finish ahead of schedule."
Justin Whear, EVP of Data Development at Emsi

"Stephen is one of the best data people I have ever worked with. He intuitively and deeply understands data. I look forward to the next time that I get to work with Stephen."
Jonathan Crapuchettes, Senior Software Architect at Emsi and Current CTO of Red Balloon