Data Crosswalks

Senior Data Consultant (2021-Current)

Core LMI Data Team Support (Nov 2021-Current) - Support the Core LMI team at Emsi Burning Glass.

Python Documentation and Optimization (Feb 2022) - Document behavior and time complexity of existing python code and suggest optimizations and improvements.

New Dataset ETL in Existing Script (Feb 2022) - Add functionality to an existing python script to parse scraped data from two additional sources. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

API Integration Consulting (Feb 2022) - Advise law firm on how to integrate their lead tracking tool with their CRM.

MySQL Database Build (Dec 2021) - Design and build a MySQL database of medicare advantage data that I sourced and cleaned for a client building an informational website.

Upwork Skill Certification (Dec 2021) - Complete certifications for Python and Back-End Development.

New Founding

Staff Software Engineer (2022-Current)

Supporting development of the New Founding digital commonwealth

Assisting with design of core data models in ArangoDB

Building REST APIs (structured data extraction from websites, document ingestion and validation, and more)


Engineering Lead & Data Product Owner (2019-2021)

Senior Software Engineer (2020-2021)

Data Engineer (2012-2019)

Designed, built, and maintained data cleaning and high throughput data processing frameworks for structured and unstructured labor market data. Also owned the core LMI data product and managed the team of developers supporting it.

Emsi/Burning Glass Merger (2021) - Led my team through the merger and prioritized the success of my team throughout the process of my exit, after which I continued to support the team as a consultant at Data Crosswalks.

Agile Methodology (2018-2021) - Implemented agile development methodologies, principles, and techniques to increase productivity and decrease onboarding time.

OES Time Series (2018-2019) - [Video] Overcame published obstacles to create a consistent time series of regional occupational wage data from Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) using various algorithms and statistical methods. Comment from my manager Jonathan Crapuchettes was "In academia, you could have used this as a master's thesis or dissertation."

Modern Data Processing Framework (2012-2020) - Modernized Emsi's LMI data processing framework from PHP/MySQL. Used primarily D (programming language) and Python to build proprietary libraries for workflow management, data processing and storage, economic modeling, systems monitoring, testing, and data publishing.